Wedding Photography Pro Tips for Amateur Photographers by Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia

Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia shares his pro tips for capturing wedding occassions like a pro.

Most professional photographers will disclose to you that the most difficult occasion you can ever photograph is a wedding. This occasion is a once in a lifetime event and can’t be rehashed or re-staged, so it’s critical to make it perfect. Plan ahead, recover your gear, keep your back up batteries prepared and be set up to be flexible.

1. Catch feelings and narrate the story.
2. Snatch the Opportunity
3. Take Unusual Wedding Photos
4. Catch them Leaving
5. Showcase the Fairy Tail
6. Catch the Fun

A wedding should be a unique occasion for the couple, and as a photographer, there is a considerable measure of weight on your shoulders. You should be available consistently yet keep off the beaten path. You should be inventive yet formal in the meantime. Numerous photographers will photograph a wedding as a right hand at first before going up against the errand all alone since it is a major obligation. Else if you are are a lead photographer, take a few colleagues with you so everything is secured. Keep in mind that these photos will be treasured forever, so you completely should do the best job that you can.

Thank you for your time reading my wedding photography tips and good luck on your endeavour within this exciting genre of photography.

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