Sports Photography tips for taking sports photos like a pro by Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia

Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia shares his pro tips for capturing sports photographs like a pro.


Doing sports photography of your kids, companions, or teammates is an incredible method to catch action-packed recollections while having a ton of fun at the occasion.

With a camera, you can be amidst the fervour at a sports event instead of sitting on the sidelines (metaphorically, obviously – you should remain off the field).

Catching the activity of an exciting gaming event, regardless of whether it is football, rugby class, soccer, tennis and everything in between, is a superb inclination for all included.

Here I have for you tips on sports photography for beginners: 

1. Learn the sport & rules of the game

2. Be prepared to Use High ISO

3. Utilize a fast shutter speed

4. Abstain from Using a Flash

5. Abstain from Chimping

6. Plan your shooting positions

7. Take lots and lots of photographs

8. Utilize a fast auto-focus and burst mode

9. Try not to Stop Once the Whistle Blows

10. Bear in mind the Surroundings

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