Tips for mastering real estate photography by Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia

Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia shares his pro tips for capturing real estate photos like a pro.

Real estate photography is steadily popular. Houses go on and off the market every day.

What’s more, every real estate agent is engaging for the homebuyers’ to notice with the help of appealing photographs. Doing photography for real estate can appear somewhat dubious.
However, with these couple of basic real estate photography tips, you’ll deliver delightful, predictable photographs. These will have your neighbourhood real estate professionals getting back to you back!
1. Spend more on a Wide Angle Lens
2. To obtain natural light and get sharper images, make use of a tripod
3. For Optimal Viewing use landscape orientation
4. Highlight the best feature in each room
5. Set up every room you plan to shoot
6. Move Furniture to capture more space
7. Focus on Distortion
8. Have a standard shot list for each property
9. Take shots during the “Enchantment Hour” at Dusk
10. Add a pop of colour to bring your photos to life

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