Food Photography Tips to capture mouth watering images by Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia

Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia shares his pro tips for capturing street photographs like a pro.


Food photography is apparently a standout amongst the most difficult sorts of photography out there. Like painting, you begin with a clear canvas and fabricate. Layer upon layer, you build the photograph until the point when you achieve the ideal balance of the real world and art.


Here are some food photography tips for getting started:

1. Lighting is key:

Take photographs under natural light. Move around the space to get ahold of the correct lighting. It’s not mandatory for food photography to be done in the kitchen as it were.

2. Take photographs from various angles:

Place the camera where you think best highlights the best qualities of the food. A few dishes look awesome when you shoot from right in the front, and others are most appropriate when you are looking down from specifically over the table.

3. Tell a story:

When shooting from the front of the food try to keep an awesome background and foreground to play with. Utilize these unfilled spaces to narrate to a greater extent a story. Encompass your fundamental dish with fixings and props that identify with the food.

4. Keep it clean:

If that spoon, napkin or background doesn’t add to the photograph, take it out. The plates and props holding the nourishment must be totally 100% clean and flaw-free.

5. Add a human touch:

Adding a hand mixing a pot or holding a plate enables you to indicate scale and includes a human component which is regularly all the more engaging and genuine to watchers.

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