Candid Photography tips for capturing natural photos like a pro by Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia

Girish Vasharambhai Bagadia shares his pro tips for capturing candid photographs like a pro.


Candid photography is progressively getting to be famous both as a day to day photography yet additionally in formal photographic circumstances.

Candid photographs are difficult to get right. It’s not just about catching a moment, but rather the feeling of that moment — and moments are temporary. They travel every which way in a split second.

The following are various tips to enable photographers to enhance their ‘candid’ photography. It would be ideal if you take note that these tips are not tied in with taking tricky, voyeuristic or genuine paparazzi shots (ie capturing individuals without their authorization) but instead about how to add a more open feel to the shots you take of individuals that you know.

Here I have for you, tips on candid photography for beginners: 

1. Aperture Priority if you’re in a low light situation/Shutter Priority in case you’re attempting to catch quick action.

2. Utilize a Long Zoom

3. Utilize Ambient Light, Not Flash

4. Take numerous photographs.

5. Never Put the Camera Down

6. Photograph People Doing things

7. Frame photos with Foreground Elements

8. Shoot candid shots when others are taking formal ones.

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